Fit 4 Fashion

Get closer to ‘True Fit’ with DAZ3D

Bringing true fit and presentation closer with

Body Changes

Giving the Genesis 8 female a more balanced body in stature and making her more balanced to use in both virtual fittings and presentations. MORE

Skin Shaders

Each Avatar character has a unique skin shader designed to give the user more options when marketing to their customers. MORE

3D Fit Challenges

We have conducted a survey of 3D fashion professionals to learn more about what this fashion solution can offer. MORE


Posture Adjustment

Giving the Genesis 8 female a more balanced posture and improving the body balance for garment simulations. MORE

Fit Model Characters

To make sure creators have options when creating models for fit presentations we have designed, 5 Characters, 3 retails skins to enhance all types of targeted presentation. MORE.

Size 4-14 body Morphs

Using the ASTM body standard sizing model we have created 6 sized morphs that measure the fashion industry fit stand body sizing. MORE

Modesty Garments for all skin

Each character fit model has her own modesty covering to ensure there is no nudity during garment simulations. 2 types of modesty 1 with underwear and 1 with no genitalia or nipple showing. MORE

Easy use Solid skins

With this package, creators have the option to create fit mannequins in Black whore and silver. This is to give more emphasis on clothing, not Avatars. MORE

Fit and Low Collision Poses

This product is for use with 3D fashion software and the package comes with standard-fit poses that work with stress and strain maps to enhance fit and function. MORE