3D Fashion Software

There are many different 3D software companies on the market in 2021, like CLO3D, Browzwear, Optitex, and more. Each offers a different type of custom avatar for their users’ experience.

While the fit avatars are parametric and offer that variation ability, the body shape for industry fit standards is not always aesthetically pleasing to the user. This is why most users prefer the realism of Daz Studio Characters.

What we have done with Fit 4 Fashion is offer the DAZ Studio user the ability to create visually custom avatars they can feel confident will also fit their real-world customers. We have listened to the challenges patternmakers and designers have when using DAZ Studio characters in this software and have created a body shape with industry measurements that don’t take away from the realness that Daz3D characters offer.

Simply said, users can get closer to garment true fit while using the custom characters they create in DAZ Studio. Meaning all creative customizations are available to enhance the design without compromising fit.