3D Fit Challenges

We have been conduction a survey of 3D fashion users and the findings are listed below:

What is your biggest challenge when using 3D software for fit?

Fit vs Presentation not being aligned 21.43%
Having to use “tricks” or “fake out” details 57.14%
3D programs don’t work together 21.43%

What 3D programs do you use?

CLO3D – 85.71%
Browzwear – 35.71%
Optitex – 14.29%
Daz3D – 57.14%
Blender – 35.71%
Marvelous Designer – 50.00%
Other 7.14% (Maya, ZBrush)

What would you change about the 3D program you are using the most? (from the previous question)

Better fit representation and it needs to be quicker to render
More options of avatars that are able to do animation
Trim adding process/steps are a bit difficult to do for me
Not really
I would like more tools to help eliminate the need for fake details like hems, rolled cuffs, hidden packets, etc so I can create production-ready patterns.
Easier interoperability/data exchange with other apps
Better fabric simulation
Blender: better cloth engine would be nice
More standardized 3D behavior. 3D fit automation like snap to 3D measurement
tissue (Fabric) simulation
Add more choices about avatar appearance
Knots in Clo

Are you satisfied with the fit models provided in the software you use for fit?

Very satisfied 0.00%
Satisfied 28.57%
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 50.00%
Dissatisfied 21.43%
Very dissatisfied 0.00%

Do your presentation model and fit model have the same measurements?

Yes 35.71%
No 21.43%
Mostly 14.29%
I adjust one or the other 28.57%

Do you use DAZ3D characters?

Yes – 50.00%
No – 50.00%

Do you use DAZ3D models for the following?

Don’t use at all-42.86%
Use for presentation renders-50.00%
Use for patternmaking-21.43%
Use for all 3D Fashion work-14.29%

Which is your 3D program combination?

CLO3D/Daz3D – 71.43%
Browzwear/Daz3D – 14.29%
Optitex/Daz3D – 7.14%
Marvelous Designer/Daz3D – 42.86%
DAZ3D/Blender – 28.57%
Cinema4D/ Blender/Marvelous Designer – 7.14%

What is your profession? (Job)
Designer – 35.71%
Patternmaker – 21.43%
Technical Designer – 7.14%

Responses – 35.71%
Other (please specify)
Content Creator
3D teacher
Owner 3Dacademy

If Dazd3D models had fit proportions would you use them?

Definitely would – 64.29%
Probably would – 35.71%