Genesis 8 Body Changes

The changes made to the Genesis 8 model are hard to detect initially but, there are many changes made overall. The calibration of the fit body measurements was not easy to achieve without making morph adjustments that gave the model a more realistic balance and curvature.

After countless user comments over the years from fashion creators, the number one call-out was the breast on of the G8 female. We removed the look of implants for the body morphs the give the breast a more natural appealing look. In getting the proportions of the hip, seat, and thigh adjustments had to be made to the shape of the hip bone, inner thigh, and belly. A softer more realistic body was the goal.

When the leg and arms were calibrated there had to be adjustments in the knee ankle and biceps. These also gave more natural proportions to the body morph.

Overall making the Genesis 8 female have industry measurements nearly automatically made her proportions softer and leaner.